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Well since everyone else is doing the whole intro thing i suppose i will too.

I am married to Brian . He has been in the army 4 years and this is his third deployment. He was a 63s ( heavy wheeled mechanic) but they merged the mos's and made him a 63B( light wheeled mechanic)  and he wasnt happy with that. He likes working on the big trucks and didnt take to kindly to the demotioon. So he reclassed and now is a Chaplians assistant. Its for the better. But when he told me i laughed ( hes all tattoed up so its kinda silly) but im glad he has finally found something to belive in. Any who...  Im very very blunt. I will only sugar coat things when i think they need to be. We met back when i was 15. I was smoking @ the cornor before school and he walked up to me called me a name and I broke his nose. We dated on and off and got married when i was 22. We have been married for 3 years. We have 3 kiddos. 3 kitties and a psycho dog Dart. Oh and a fish who i sware if the house blew up he would still surive.  Im not your typical person Though i like to have fun and what not i also like to dye my hair. im tattoed up and i like to read and be a home body. you will hardly ever catch me on IM since i dont chat all that much. Ok here are some pictures



ME in case you couldnt guess

Me (below) opened my big mouth about hero gear not being that heavy


and brian about an hour before he left

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